Similar hanging mannequin at *SCAPE was used 3 years ago & nobody complained

So why's everybody so hung up over it now?

Mandy How | September 28, 2017 @ 03:47 pm


A mannequin of a bloodied, long-haired woman hanging from a tree at *SCAPE has been taken down after criticism from conservative members of the public.

The mannequin, according to a report from Channel NewsAsia, was installed to garner publicity for Halloween event Museum of Horrors. 

Conservative Facebook group Singaporeans Defending Marriage and Family was among the first to lobby against it, asserting that it was “extremely DISTURBING and done in very bad taste”.

It added:

“It’s no wonder the media reported children and teens suicidal rates had gone up!”

Curious causality aside — those reports and the statistics they came from obviously preceded the presence of this mannequin — the group also urged the public to write to various leaders to add pressure on them and “reduce the damage done to our children and youth”. 

According to CNA, some also complained that it glorified the idea of suicide.

Now, putting aside the fact that the mannequin looks neither glamorous nor like it enjoyed an easy way out its troubles by committing suicide, we just wanted to point out that this isn’t the first time *SCAPE has done something like this.

And at least one person on Twitter realised it too:

Looks familiar?

Three years ago, also to promote its annual Museum of Horrors event, *SCAPE had this mannequin, also hanging in a similar fashion from a tree:

Something isn't right here… #MOH2014

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Interesting product placements – Cheers #moh2014

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And it’s not as if it went unnoticed:

Sho scary!

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In this particular photo, you can see that there was another mannequin nearby, sitting on a swing — but also hanging from a tree:

#Halloween #scape #cineleisure

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R.I.P #MOH2014

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Selfie with my new "friend"! #moh2014

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But hey, we thought we’d show you a couple more people not complaining about the mannequin:


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I swear that wasn't there when I took this. #MOH2014

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This year’s mannequin was eventually removed on the morning of Sep. 27. Maybe because it had legs and more blood?

*SCAPE told CNA“We have received feedback about the mannequin, and after reviewing internally, we informed the vendor to have it removed from the open public area. We hope that the youths will still have an enjoyable Halloween experience at the Museum of Horrors.”

Top image from @bryankam on Instagram and Singaporeans Defending Marriage and Family’s Facebook. 

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