Miffy pop-up cafe coming to S’pore from Oct. 5, here’s a look at the menu and prices

*wallet cries*

By Mandy How | September 14, 2017

If you missed out on the Cinnamoroll pop-up cafe at Kumoya previously, you can look forward to a new Miffy pop-up cafe happening at the same spot.

From Oct. 5 to Dec. 31 this year, there will be a time-limited menu styled by Shirley Wong (aka @littlemissbento on Instagram), where Miffy-styled main courses, desserts, and beverages will be on offer.

The place, of course, will also be decked out in Miffy-themed décor (pictures below are artist’s impressions):

Here’s a look at some of the items on the menu:

Wonderfully Waffles with Karaage Chicken (S$21.90)


Egg-citing Miffy Smoked Duck Cold Pasta (S$17.90). 

Splashing Good Fun Japanese Seafood Curry Rice (S$24.90). 

You, Me & Miffy Makes 3 Chicken Katsu Burger (S$18.90)

From left to right: Miffy Mango Medley, Bunny Yuzu Delight, and Guava Garden Gallery (S$10.90). 

Miffy Original Orange Soda (S$14,90). 

Magnificent Matcha Azuki Lava cake (S$16.90). 




Yuzu Mango Parfait Merriment (S$18.90) 

Chock-ful Chocolate Banana Shibuya Toast (S$22.90). 

For typical brunch dishes, the prices are rather steep (like Brokeback Mountain steep), but we suppose fans of Miffy will want to go.

If the cafe gets crowded, however, the staff might limit your dining time to 90 minutes. There is also a minimum spending of S$10 per person. 

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