Jack Ma tried to be Michael Jackson at Alibaba’s anniversary. He dressed up as a princess previously.

Perhaps that's what people do when they're rich.

By Yeo Kaiqi | September 14, 2017

Jack Ma is a name we’re all familiar with in the tech and business world.

We all know him because he’s a Chinese business magnate, the founder of global e-commerce company — the Alibaba group, and he’s also Asia’s richest man currently.

But that’s not all about him. Did you know he also loves to perform?

Michael Jackson dance moves

On Sept. 8, Ma celebrated Alibaba’s 18th anniversary by kicking off the event with a Michael Jackson dance segment at Huang Long Stadium in Hangzhou, eastern China.

In a somewhat bizarre fashion, the flamboyant Chinese e-commerce mogul took to the stage by riding a motorcycle, while donning a mask and an outfit that resembled Jackson’s outfit on his Dangerous World tour.

Screenshot via here
Screenshot via here

He then danced along to the opening notes of Jackson’s “Billie Jean”, crotch thrusts and all, and also got into a Beyoncé-esque “Formation” with his backup dancers.

Screenshot via here

His gig then ended off with Jackson’s “Black and White” before the rest of the event continued.

You can watch the full video below:

Past performances

This isn’t the first time Ma, who is known for combining his love of showmanship with a relish for defying stereotypes, went all out at his company events.

In 2009, Ma celebrated Alibaba’s 10th anniversary with a blonde wig and a punk rock getup as he sang and danced along to the song The Lion King.

Screenshot via here

In 2013, Ma commemorated the 10th anniversary of TaoBao by dressing up like a young Chinese pop star.

Image via here

With all these dramatic stunts, it is no wonder that Ma is considered “Crazy Jack” by people around him.

And if you still aren’t convinced that he’s a pretty weird cool guy, we’ll just leave you with this:

Ma cosplaying at Alibaba’s 9th anniversary. Image via here via the web

Top image composite image

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