I let a 20-year-old Tarot card reader inside my mind and it was nothing like I expected

Fortunately, it wasn’t a supernatural experience.

Olivia Lin | Sponsored | September 28, 2017, 10:26 AM

“This is very different from fortune telling,” Fion stresses.

The 20-year-old, who does Tarot card reading on the side, tells me repeatedly that this practice is more guidance than anything, that the future is still ours to change.

As a Tarot practitioner for over a year, she has gotten many “This is so accurate” and “What you said came true” comments from clients. But at the same time, she also acknowledges the fact that some of it could be due to self-fulfilling prophecy on their part.

Being in touch with the cards

Fion shares with me that Tarot has always been a long-time passion of hers. She started out by doing in-depth reading on the practice, then went on to purchase various decks to practise on her own. During this time, she has also paid multiple visits to other Tarot card readers to gain experience.

While we chat, she covers her side of the table with a brightly coloured cloth, and plonks four decks of cards down. I ask her why we need so many of them, and she explains that each deck has a personality of its own.

“Some are more sassy, while others are more straightforward,” she blushes as she says this. Fion admits that this might sound crazy to an outsider, but she truly believes that each deck has a mind of its own.

“I named this stack George Michael on a whim, because the graphics reminded me of him. And sure enough, when I asked if he’s really named George during the deck assessment, he replied yes,” Fion recalls.

Naming them helps Fion build a connection with her cards. Whenever she acquires a new deck, she makes the effort to understand it by asking questions, and opening cards to get responses.     

My experience

I decide to go with the “All-rounded general” reading, which allows me to ask basically anything I want.

Of the four stacks of cards she lays out, Fion starts shuffling the Lunar deck. She then recites a short prayer to the divine beings, which she later mentions could be anything depending on the user’s beliefs -- even their ancestors.

She proffers the deck to me, and tells me to shuffle it. Following her suggestion, I inquire aloud, “What should I look out for in the upcoming month (mid-September to mid-October)?”

I am bombarded with Tarot terminology -- Pentacles, earth, swords, wands. Fion explains every card as she opens them. “This is the fool card, it means something new is currently happening to you, or is going to happen soon.”

She then interjects -- almost like a mini revelation -- that she thinks I’m the kind of person who possesses a strong mindset, that when I decide on something, I go all out in making it happen. “Right now, you have an idea of what you want to do in life, but are still figuring out the right way of doing it,” she elaborates.

A minor warning follows, “Be careful of the people around you though, there are some who are just waiting to see you fall.”

Although she cautions me about the people I trust, she also advises, “You seem like the sort who swings your sword at everyone who comes your way. You’re always on guard, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Maintain a good judgement, but do allow certain people in. This can be beneficial to you in terms of creating connections.”

The clarifiers, which are used to provide clarity to a reading, are pulled out.

“Oh look! You’ve got another fool. But this time, it’s in reverse,” Fion declares. According to her, the second fool reasserts that something new is indeed coming my way, but it being in reverse serves as a gentle warning for me to not be so reckless about this new opportunity.

She ends this part of the reading by hinting that it might be linked to my career. I can’t help but think if has something to do with my upcoming 6-month confirmation in the company.

My question on love

Somehow at the point of time, I thought leaving everything up to the Tarot reader would make the experience more organic, so I got her to recommend a second question. (On hindsight though, I realised I should have asked something more specific.)

So I implore again, “What’s my love forecast from now till the end of the year?”

Immediately after opening the cards, she announces that I am too passive a person, and that I should make the effort to meet more people or I risk missing out on opportunities.

The reading then goes on to reveal that I have a few options now, but there’s someone I’m talking to more who might become my potential soulmate.

I think to myself, “This doesn’t sound very accurate. Neither am I talking to a lot of people nor do I think there’s anyone who fits the bill of becoming a potential soulmate at the moment.”

And although I don’t have anyone in mind, the cards somehow manage to describe the hypothetical person in a somewhat detailed way -- that he’s a fair-minded and just individual who wouldn’t allow anybody to mistreat me.

The romantic prospect would also make the relationship easy by keeping communication open and not keep secrets from me. My mind starts wondering about the people I know -- could any of them be the person she’s describing?

My colleague’s reading

Curious at the exchange she has observed thus far, my colleague, Zhangxin, decides to have a go at it.

Again, she asks a generic question on what to expect in the upcoming month.

The Lovers card appears, and Fion announces excitedly, “It looks like you might meet a love interest soon as well! And that person will mostly like be from the same social circle as you.”

Zhangxin responds with a laugh, “As of now, I don’t feel anything for any of my friends, but I guess it’s quite common for lovers to start out this way.”

The Tarot practitioner goes on, “I can tell you’re a very sentimental person, and sometimes, you still dwell on things from the past. But because of this, it makes you a good and reliable friend to confide in. People find it easy to open up to you.”

I look at Zhangxin and nods. She’s indeed one of the most genuine people I know -- an authentically warm individual who possesses the ability of making anyone around her feel comfortable.

She later reveals that the sentimental bit about her is true, she often thinks back to the past, and even hogs little things which date back to her childhood.

The Works

I ask Fion if she does Tarot card reading for herself, and she chuckles. “I used to, but I don’t do it anymore because I find that my interpretation of the cards can be quite biased,” she admits.

While each card carries its own meaning, the true understanding behind them is still largely based on the user’s interpretation.

A lot of it is about connecting with the cards and getting them to work with you.

Throughout the reading, Fion keeps reminding me that nothing is set in stone -- that if I didn’t like anything I hear, it’s still within my control to change things.

“There are clients who get upset with the outcome, but I can only tell them that I’m reading what the cards say. One good thing about this is that it kind of helps them figure out what to alter in order to achieve the outcome they want,” Fion states bluntly.

This genuinity is what makes me feel comfortable with her, and I find myself opening up to her more as the session goes on.

Not what I expected

Before this, I always thought Tarot was something that was linked to the supernatural. I thought Tarot card readers had to tap into the realm of witchcraft to get answers.

But after the session with Fion, I discovered that Tarot could be anything the user wants it to be. It is divination in the broadest sense. And this divination is actually quite enlightening in a spiritual way.

Like what she shared with me, it makes people uncover things they didn’t know about themselves previously. It provides them with answers that serves as a psychological guidance.

Sometimes, hearing good things motivates them to work towards it, while hearing unsavoury things forces them to make changes for the better.


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