Giant python caught in Sengkang may have swallowed a cat

Don't try to catch the snake yourself, call the authorities instead.

By Sulaiman Daud | September 14, 2017

Every now and then we’re reminded that Singapore has some jungle to go with all its concrete.

A Sept. 13 video uploaded on Facebook by Idah Fayan showed a huge snake lurking in what looks like a housing estate.

According to Idah, the snake was residing in Sengkang.

You can watch the video below:

Cat recently missing

Some voices speaking in Malay can be overheard in the video as the snake was caught and trapped.

One man mentioned that a cat had recently gone missing, and someone else remarked that the snake is full.

The snake looked docile and its belly appeared to be distended, as if it had recently eaten.

When fully extended, it looked to be about three metres long.

Screenshot from Idah Fayan’s Facebook page.


“My goodness, what did it eat?”

“Somehow it ate a cat.”

“Looks like”

“Poor thing, the cat.”

Most likely a python

The snake appears to be a python, judging by the markings on its body. Pythons are common in Singapore, comfortable both in water and on land. They are non-venomous and usually avoid humans, but can turn aggressive if they feel threatened.

If you happen to encounter a snake, you can refer to this AVA advisory on what to do

You can also call the Acres 24-hour wildlife hotline at 97837782 for help.

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