Prominent lump seen on PM Lee’s right arm has been there for years

After all this time? Always.

By Belmont Lay | August 11, 2017

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had to personally respond to suggestions that his 2017 National Day message was filmed in a studio against a green screen instead of at Bay East Garden.

This was after several online folks had the impression that a “green screen” was used to create the backdrop, which was brightly illuminated.

PM Lee clarified that he was really on site that day to record the message.

Online crowd noticed a lump too

However, the suspected use of a green screen was not the only thing the online crowd speculated on.

Due to the high quality production of this year’s message, people watching the video online noticed that PM Lee has a prominent bump on his right arm.

The cyst-like lump became a subject of scrutiny on online forums, as another image of PM Lee’s right arm at the National Day Parade 2017 was uploaded:

Not new, though

However, the lump on PM Lee’s arm is not new.

It turns out, by scanning videos and images of the prime minister from over the years, it is evident the lump has been there all along — albeit in different sizes.






In 2011, PM Lee was wearing a long sleeve shirt.

But to go further back, traces of the lump on PM Lee’s arm were already there.





Cannot unseen.

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