Motorcycle couple hits car from behind after clowning around is relationship goals

This kind of thing not covered in defensive riding course.

By Belmont Lay | August 13, 2017

A couple riding motorcycles side-by-side were caught on camera horsing around and ending up damaging the vehicle in front of them:

In case you can’t make sense of the video:

• Couple on motorcycles stop behind vehicle at red light.

• Girl touches boy’s handlebar. Cheeky.

• Boy squeezes girl’s throttle. Cheekier.

• Sends her flying.

Reason video was uploaded

According to the Facebook post, the video was uploaded after the couple allegedly did not want to exchange particulars with the driver after causing damage to the vehicle.

However, within 10 hours of the video going online, Internet sleuths were all over the case and have identified the male rider.

This was so as the couple’s motorcycle license plates were highly visible.

Nonetheless, here is a better retelling of the incident:

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