Facebook ad for Giordano National Day polo tees not local enough, apparently

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Guan Zhen Tan | August 02, 2017, 03:36 PM

With National Day around the corner, Giordano has come up with a National Day polo tee.

The fashion chain favoured by every auntie and uncle in Singapore, then advertised the apparel using this Facebook ad:

Photo via Giordano's Facebook post

If the polo tops are a little bit too cheesy-looking, the models sure can take that feeling away -- by looking gloriously un-local.

Comments in response to the Giordano ad

Some Singaporeans were obviously triggered:

Screenshot via Giordano's Facebook post

Giordano responds

Giordano, realising what was happening, responded to the complaints:

Screenshot via Giordano's Facebook post

Not good enough

But the questions didn't stop there, as some questioned if the little girl was adopted.

Screenshot via Giordano's Facebook postt


A recycled ad

Ultimately, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, someone found out that it was just a recycled ad.

Screenshot via Giordano's Facebook post

Photo from Giordano, via Zahir Javier Latiff's comment on their Facebook post

Shouldn't judge

Not that it really answers the question about where the little girl came from, but we don't judge a happy pseudo-Singaporean family anyway.

And if consumers are really underhappy, they can always vote with their wallets, or else, vote here:

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Top image adapted via Giordano's Facebook post