An East-sider's guide to spend a day like a tourist in the east on our Downtown Line 3

East is rail-ly the best. True story.

Tsiuwen Yeo | Sponsored | August 26, 2017, 11:30 AM

Okay. How many people can honestly say they have explored every corner of Singapore to be a judge of it all?

Domestic tourism might be a foreign concept in Singapore because it’s just so small, but staycations are gaining popularity among young folks -- a cheaper way to get into the holiday mood.

So why don’t Singaporeans explore our own island more often?

Then there’s the never-ending East versus West spiel, which, understandably, will still exist even if Singaporeans started travelling more.

Perhaps we should just acknowledge that Singapore is chock full of interesting things to explore.

And that even the most hardcore westie who considers Bedok ulu (hah) can have a fun time exploring an eastie’s territory too.

Cos’ everyone knows it’s the west that’s ulu. There’s a West Coast Park but who ever goes there? Everyone goes to East Coast Park. Heh.

When the Downtown Line 3 (DTL3) starts plying the eastern region in October, it just makes it so much easier to venture to the East.  

Here are two planned one-day itineraries for you, cos’ we know you’re sick of looking through listicles.

Itinerary 1: For the active

Don’t be lazy. Start your journey early at 9a.m…. especially if you are a westie.

Travelling far away -- it already feels like a trip, doesn’t it?

Morning: Forest Adventure

You probably never knew a place like this existed in Singapore. And no, it’s not OBS. via Forest Adventure Facebook page

While the Treetop Walk at Macritchie only takes about 15 minutes (and that’s if you walk reeeaallly slowly), this treetop adventure, which consists of 35 obstacles and a zipline, takes about 2.5 hours to complete.

Unleash your inner Tarzan for a mere $50 -- for close to 3 hours of heart-pounding (maybe dropping) experience, it’s pretty worth it.

Nearest DTL3 MRT station: Tampines West

Lunch: Temasek Polytechnic

Although one of the most popular spots -- the School of Design canteen -- closed for renovations this May, there still are other canteens for you to get cheap and really good food.

For something fancier, there’s also Top Table, where you can get a taste of some “damn good food” prepared and served by students from the Culinary Institute of America.

Just outside the campus is a well-patronised bubble tea shop named Penang A1 Chendol. Yes, they do sell chendol. Weird combo? It works for TP students, apparently.

The most popular drink is the A1 Durian smoothie. Let that sink in.

Nearest DTL3 MRT station: Tampines West

Afternoon: Changi Museum


As Singaporeans, we know how unforgiving the afternoon sun is. Which makes the Changi Chapel & Museum the perfect spot for some quiet reflection and hiding from the sun.

The museum commemorates WWII Allied POWs who interned at infamous Changi Prison during the Japanese Occupation.

Nearest DTL3 MRT station: Upper Changi

Dinner: Afghanistan Family Restaurant

via Burpple

via Burpple

Afghanistan in Singapore? Yaaas. But this Afghanistan serves Indian and Malay food, and apparently, it’s really good.

Some dishes to try: Putu Piring, Nasi Rawon, Mee Rebus, Lontong

Why we recommend this place? Because if you don’t trust us, trust the reviews. You’d travel to Beauty World for Al-Azhar. Why wouldn’t you try this place when you’re already in Tampines?

Nearest DTL3 MRT station: Tampines East

Itinerary 2: For the chill

Not all vacations include adventure, and if you like to keep it relaxed, that’s great too. Nothing wrong with having a nua* outing, right?

*Still, not too nua -- you’d want to set off no later than 11am. You can chill on the train ride to the east. Bring along a book.

Brunch: Table Manners

First things first: Brunch. Because chillcation, no?

Unlike ulu cafes that have become popular of late, Table Manners is located in Changi City Point -- right beside Expo MRT station.

That’s right, no long bus rides and perspiring under the sun to get to your brunch spot.

Image via Table Manners Facebook page

On top of the swoon-worthy interior, the customisable lunch sets are a big draw as well. Time to brunch it up, y’all.

Nearest DTL3 MRT station: Expo

Afternoon: SUTD

No reason to miss out on Singapore’s newest university campus when you’re already in the area. Especially if you’re a photography or Instagram buff. And when the campus looks this futuristic and cantik.



Nearest DTL3 MRT station: Upper Changi

Tea: Refuel Cafe

Nothing like cafe hopping to make you feel like you’re on a vacation. You’re exploring new places and trying out new coffee -- that element of something new yet chill to make you feel like you’re on a leisurely trip.

Right by Bedok Reservoir, this under-the-radar cafe has been loved by easties for its yummy food and reasonable pricing.

Image from Refuel Cafe Facebook page

Nearest DTL3 MRT station: Bedok Reservoir

Evening: Bedok Reservoir

End a perfectly relaxing day with a stroll along Bedok Reservoir.

If you’re lucky, you’ll catch the sunset -- but otherwise, you’ll still be rewarded with the tranquil sight of dragonboats swaying along with gentle currents as the day winds down. How nice.

Screenshot from Visit Singapore Instagram

Screensot from lam.tuan Instagram

This sponsored post by the Ministry of Transport was written by an eastie who actually discovered more about the east when preparing for this piece. Time to explore!

Top image is from Visit Singapore  and Forest Adventure Facebook page