Taiwanese news outlet produces satirical video on Oxley Road saga, internet reacts

Politically incorrect or plain ridiculous?

By Guan Zhen Tan | July 9, 2017

TomoNews US is a news site known for its colourful sarcasm and straightforward reactions to world events.

With an animation team based in Taiwan, they produce videos using quirky, exaggerated 3D animation.

The news site focuses on creating entertainment by taking non-politically correct and highly satirical digs at current events from around the world.

Their latest target to take a dig at is the Oxley Road saga.

Here’s the video with English narration:

Gif via TomoNews’ Youtube video

The reactions

Of course, with more than 3,000 shares and counting, the video wouldn’t get away scot-free without a few feeling that the animation was highly offensive.

Comments via TomoNews US’ Facebook post


Others pointed out that Taiwan should be looking into their own backyard before commenting on Singaporean politics and issues.

Comments via TomoNews US’ Facebook post


Then there are those who feel that Singaporeans are taking this too seriously.

Comments via TomoNews US’ Facebook post


We won’t be surprised if someone actually took it seriously enough to report this video to the authorities, though.


Comments via TomoNews US’ Facebook post


Top image via TomoNews US’ Facebook post

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