Li Shengwu calls S’pore govt “petty” after AGC said it’s looking into his Facebook post

It was set to 'friends-only', though.

By Jeanette Tan | July 17, 2017

Just when we thought the Lee saga has ended, one of the Lees (a Li, in fairness), is finding himself entangled in a new one.

The Attorney-General’s Chambers told Mothership on Monday that it is “looking into” a Facebook post by Li Shengwu, the oldest son of Lee Hsien Yang.

(In case you’re wondering, they’re the folks who prosecute criminal cases on behalf of the state.)

The Facebook post from Li, which was a link to an international news article on the Lee saga, was posted over the weekend.

The article is a Wall Street Journal report titled, “Singapore, a model of orderly rule, is jolted by a bitter family feud”, the link to which Li posted with additional comments.

The second part of his comment included opinions he expressed on the Singapore judicial system, which he asserts has an impact on international media reporting.

As you can see from the post below, it was shared to Li’s friends only, and would not have been publicly accessible, had it not been for the fact that one of his friends took a screenshot of it.

It was later shared in full on social media by other groups.

We’ve reproduced the screenshot below, with the comments concerned blanked out:

Screenshot via Facebook

Li has since responded to the news reports on the AGC’s reaction:

In case you’d like to catch up on the events of the past month, click the banner below:

Top photo adapted from screenshots from Facebook, YouTube

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