Police question actor over Ah Boys To Men audition Facebook post

He said the police advised him to contact them if the verbal abuse against him worsened.

Belmont Lay | June 1, 2017 @ 10:10 am

The police have questioned freelance actor Shrey Bhargava, who wrote a Facebook post about his experience auditioning for Ah Boys To Men 4.

According to Today, the 21-year-old was called up by the police on Wednesday, May 31, after police reports were lodged against him by the public.

Bhargava said he was questioned about his intentions behind his post, as well as the harassment he has been receiving online.

Today reported Bhargava’s account of his encounter with the police:

“The Investigation Officer and I agreed that I am absolutely against racial violence of any sort and, instead, was only seeking a healthy and productive discussion for the betterment of Singapore’s media landscape and society. Specifically, I wanted Singaporeans to engage in dialogue regarding the inclusion of minorities in the media, as well as to tackle the issue of casual racism in order to create a more inclusive and harmonious Singapore,” he said.

The actor also said the police assured him he did not do anything wrong.

Bhargava also responded to a statement by J Team Productions, who are the people behind the making of ABTM.

He said the statement painted him in a negative light and make it appear like he overreacted by voicing out.

The statement said, “Shrey was asked to try out different ways of presenting the role including that of someone who speaks with an Indian accent”.

Bhargava reiterated he only performed the audition scene twice and questioned how to “Be more Indian” is supposed to be funny.


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