Otters & monkeys make friends with one another at Marina Barrage

Not sure if territorial dispute or love is love.

By Belmont Lay | June 25, 2017

A family of otters and a pair of monkeys were seen hitting it off at Marina Barrage recently.

In this June 9 video by Patrick Ng, a pair of monkeys can be seen playing a game of Pied Piper with the otters by leading them on:

Naturally, the otters found it hard to keep up with the dexterous monkeys, which were climbing up trees and fences leaving the amphibious otters scurrying and standing on two legs.

However, of larger concern is the issue of territorial disputes breaking out between animals and animals and humans.

As urbanisation encroaches on the previously untouched green spaces in Singapore, more wild animals have made it out into the open, even though this entails more risk to them than to humans.

Wild macaque monkeys in Bukit Panjang have been caught as they entered homes and an otter was found dead in a cage.

At the same time, this is a testament to Singapore’s biodiversity, as otters were previously unseen and unheard of just under a decade ago, have suddenly made an appearance and are thriving.


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