Mark Zuckerberg reaffirms Facebook status as a gay platform

Well, here's something the anti-LGBT crowd can boycott: The biggest social network in the world.

Belmont Lay | June 02, 2017, 03:01 AM

A Singaporean posted in an anti-LGBT platform on Facebook about how rainbow cakes in local cafes harbour a "gay agenda" because they don't have seven colours:

This was what he wrote:

Went to another of those "young punk" cafes that are sprouting all over our island, and again saw all these so-called "rainbow cakes".

I always protest to my ignorant young cousins, these are not rainbow cakes. Rainbow has 7 colours.

These are gay cakes. Nothing wrong with a gay cake, sure, but please call a spade a spade.

Stop covering up gay agenda. Now.

To erase doubt that he could be trolling, he followed up with another comment in the same post:

First it is not a rainbow cake. Second the retailer must be some high level type of retard not to know rainbow has 7 colours and "innocently" or unknowingly made a rainbow cake with a missing colour? Really??

Nobody says anything about eating a cake to make one gay, thats his own choice. But you can influence him, like how wonderful such gay stuff are, gay pride and gay cakes and all. It's fun, it's hip, join us!!

Case in point: I don't see gays going to parks to do taiji with our grandmas and grandpas? I don't see gays hanging their gay flags in libraries' research section on fossils archeology? I don't see gays promoting foreign workers' rights and going to spread awareness at construction sites? Why not? Think about that.

On June 1, 2017, demi-god of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg posted a map of Facebook connections displaying pride colours:


Which is totally gay.

Check mate. Looks like the anti-LGBT crowd will have to boycott Facebook and go back to Myspace.


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