LKY’s Last Will statement found all over National Museum of S’pore exhibition

You aren't seeing double, it's printed at least four times throughout the exhibition.

By Guan Zhen Tan | June 16, 2017

We Built a Nation is an exhibition that started in 2015. Housed at the National Museum of Singapore, it chronicles the beginning of Singapore’s history, exploring the first 10 years of independence and the important events that have since taken place.

A major part of the exhibition showcases items from the Lee Kuan Yew estate and a small replica of the 38 Oxley Road house.

Interestingly, something was replicated throughout the exhibition: LKY’s Last Will.

On the English language brochure, the following was printed.

Photo by Tan Guan Zhen

That’s right, and it was repeated a few times throughout the exhibition.


Once on the glass wall separating the visitor from the model replica of the Oxley house:

Photo by Tan Guan Zhen


And again on the description of the model replica:

Photo by Tan Guan Zhen


And once more on the wall adjacent to the exhibited items from Lee Kuan Yew’s study:

Photo by Tan Guan Zhen


While the Lee family saga continues and possibly escalates further, it’s interesting how the exhibition, which sees the Estate of Lee Kuan Yew as a major donor, echoes this sentiment.

Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Suet Fern had also attended the preview of the exhibition when it started in September 2015.

Photo via MCCY’s Facebook Post

Incidentally, this time period coincides with when Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling threatened to escalate their attacks against PM Lee.

The exhibition is currently ongoing and is open to the public.


Top image by Tan Guan Zhen

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