Here’s everything you need to know about PM Lee’s video statement on the Lee conflict

We've got 4 key points from it you need to note.

By Martino Tan |Jeanette Tan | June 19, 2017

As we know by now, at the very least, PM Lee Hsien Loong was assaulted by an attack of epic proportions previously unheard of in Singapore — by no less than his siblings, Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling.

We also know this happened while he was on holiday in Australia, which, of course, became what is probably his worst vacation ever.

That said, he’s back now, and on Monday evening dropped his first big statement, looking completely unrested, in a 3-minute-and-40-second video clip, since his 3,882-word response that he released through his lawyers on Thursday evening.


Here’s everything you need to know about it in 30 seconds:

1. PM Lee apologised for how the dispute between his siblings and him had affected Singapore’s reputation and Singaporeans’ confidence in the Government.

2. He said he had done everything possible to prevent the dispute from playing out in public.

This included offering to transfer 38 Oxley Road to his sister for a nominal $1, which was rejected. PM Lee later sold the house to his brother at a fair market valuation, and donated all the proceeds to charity. He now no longer own the house and does not take part in any Government decisions on the house.

3. He will make a Ministerial Statement to refute the charges when Parliament sits on July 3, 2017.

He instructed that the PAP party whip should be lifted. He also urged all MPs, including the non-PAP MPs, to “examine the issues thoroughly” and question him and my Cabinet colleagues “vigorously”.

4. PM Lee wanted to assure all Singaporeans that this matter will not distract him and his Cabinet colleagues from their responsibility to govern Singapore, and to deal with more important national issues, including the economic and security challenges Singapore faces.

You can watch his full video here:


And, as always, keep up with the Lees here:

Top photo: Screenshot from PM Lee’s video

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