Dutch EDM producer “massively disrespected” in show at ULTRA S’pore music festival

He was told he was not welcomed, he would not be paid for the show, and his slot and pyrotechnics was cut short.

By Mandy How | June 12, 2017

ULTRA is a yearly electronic music festival originating from Miami, Florida, and it’s an event that takes place in various other countries, including Singapore.

ULTRA Singapore happened over the weekend (Jun. 10 and 11) at Bayfront Avenue, and ticket prices started from US$105 for a single-day general admission. Prices can go up to US$550 for a two day VVIP pass, and the average ticket will cost you close to US$200.

The event, however, appears to not have gone as well for at least one of its performers. On Sunday evening, Dutch EDM producer Don Pepijn Schipper, better known as Don Diablo, spoke up about what sounds like a terribly unpleasant experience he and his team had with event organisers when he played here.

According to Schipper, his team experienced a very “tight connection” for a flight from Beijing to Singapore on the day he was supposed to perform.

The DJ and his team made it just in time for the show, but his tour manager allegedly received a text saying that they were not welcomed anymore, and that they would not be getting paid for the show.

Schipper’s slot also ended up being cut short, and the planned pyrotechnics as accompaniment were also reportedly pulled from his set.

In the video uploaded to his official Facebook page, the DJ also said he believes there are other performers who feel the same way and had similar experiences to his and his team’s, but are afraid to speak out because they want to continue performing at future ULTRA festivals.

Negative experience aside, it seems his Singaporean fans are supportive of his decision:

Touched by their responses, the DJ shared more in a follow-up comment, also listing the other locations he will still play at:

Watch his full video here:

A spokesperson for ULTRA Singapore told Mothership.sg they have no response for the video at press time.


Top image from ULTRA Singapore Facebook and Don Diablo’s video.

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