China’s 'professional audience' earn up to S$160 per show by clapping & crying

This is a legitimate industry in China right now.

Yeo Kaiqi | June 30, 2017, 08:41 AM

If you’ve been keeping up with the most popular reality shows in China, you’d be familiar with the overly-emotional reactions of Chinese audiences ranging from intense crying to wild ovations.

And if you haven't known about it, then we're sorry to break this to you -- they’re all staged.

Check out these star audience performers. We give them a 5/5.

"I'm not just a professional audience but also a professional conductor. I absolutely approve of your performance."

"I pray not just for you to win, Mr Stage Celeb, but also for me to earn some screen time."

"I'm addicted to you; don't you know that you're toxic?"

"At the count of three, give your best ovations so that you are noticeable on TV screens."

Gifs from News Weekly.

According to News Weekly, takers of the job have been given the titles "Bawling Boys" (哭泣男), "Grieving Girls" (流泪姐), and "Emotional Emperors" (表情帝) by netizens for the artificiality of these shows.

Here are some more of them.

"OMG, I didn't know pop music by youngsters nowadays are so good. This is better than my era!"

"I'm so glad you brought me here to earn money, hun."

"Yeah baby, show me the moolah!"

Gifs from Tieba.

But taking up the role of a “professional audience” is legit. One could earn up to 800 yuan (about S$160) per show, with each show taking three to four hours.

Here’s one of the most common job adverts:

1. Reality show “interactive audience”:

- Height: 155cm (we're not sure why this is a requirement at all)

- 300 yuan (est. S$60) remuneration per recording of four hours

- Role: To enliven the scene with applause

- Duration: Up to the taker, will be remunerated 300-800 yuan (est. S$60-S$160) upon completion of 4-8 hours

2. Fan base:

- No specific requirements

Responsibility: To join the live audience fan base region and hold up celebrities’ fan boards

300 yuan (est. S$60) remuneration per recording of 6 hours

Original picture from Chayufanhou Kantianxia. 

Sounds easy? Not really. You’re not allowed to leave early, fall asleep or use your handphone throughout the whole session.

But if you're officially recruited, you may get a 20 to 30 percent increment in your current remuneration once you refer a friend.

"Y u cheat my feelings, China show?!"

Gif from here.

The lucrative industry is now estimated to be worth more than 180 million yuan (S$36 million) since 2014.

Top image from Epoch Times