This auntie, who looks like uncle, explaining investment scams is more effective than any PSA

Because our inner auntie can relate to her.

Tsiuwen Yeo | May 16, 2017 @ 10:37 am


Saturated with daily reminders on how to be a model citizen and the need for constant vigilance to keep our communities safe, Singaporeans are used to being bombarded with messages like these:

Even from an early age, we’re told what to do and what not to do. Source
Instead of reading the character descriptions, you’re probably wondering why they look like potatoes. Makes us hungry. Source

So it’s definitely no stretch to say that many of us are immune to such public announcements that are hardly subliminal these days.

In fact, most of us (consciously or not) filter out such messages, because Singaporeans can be highly critical and dislike being told what to do. Even if it’s for your own good.

But I just bought a Balenciaga with the ez-link card-shaped slot at the front. Source

But while we are generally skeptical people, we do have a soft spot for those we affectionately refer to as aunties and uncles — which is why this video of an auntie, who looks a lot like an uncle, nagging explaining how to prevent investment scams made us sit up and actually listen.

Probably also because we can relate to auntie’s kiasu-ism.

Pro Tip to be a smart investor 1: Don’t shy, just ask questions. Free one.

Are Singaporeans sheeple? We beg to differ. Rather, we think Singaporeans are just too shy to speak up in person — which is why citizen journalism is booming.

But there’s no need to be shy when it comes to asking about investments. Taking risks will cost you money. Asking questions to lower the risk of your investment decision? Free one. Just unleash the auntie in you and ask away.

Pro tip to be a smart investor 2: Kaypoh abit. Keep checking.

While we wouldn’t call digging up information a national hobby, Singaporeans sure do enjoy it. And are pretty good at it.

So put those excellent CSI skills to use and check out the company and scheme you’re looking to invest in. Because why not? Better check than be sorry.

Of course, you don’t have to be like auntie because there’s always Google maps. Save time and energy.

Pro tip to be a smart investor 3: Always double confirm. Plus chop.

If there’s one good thing about being skeptical, it’s about having to seek confirmation.

But going “Sure anot?” just doesn’t cut it for investments — it is better to confirm if the company and representatives in charge of your investments are regulated under the Financial Institutions Directory and Register of Representatives.

How mummy know? Cos’ mummy is always right.

So listen to this auntie who looks suspiciously like Hossan Leong and remember to always ask, check and confirm.

There’s no better way to protect yourself from scammers than by scaring them away with your vigilance.

Visit Beware! Investment Scams to learn more.

Watch the full video here:

This post is sponsored by the Securities Investors Association (Singapore) and MoneySENSE, who have taught Mothership.sg writers how to unleash our inner auntie (and uncle) to repel scammers. #bewareinvestmentscams

Top image is a screenshot from the video.

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