Pink Dot announces that only Singaporeans and PRs will be permitted to attend this year’s event

Foreigners can only watch the live streaming of the event on social media platforms.

By Olivia Lin | May 14, 2017

Pink Dot’s organisers stated in a Facebook post on May 14 that due to recent changes to the Public Order Act, only Singaporean Citizens and Permanent Residents will be permitted to attend the annual Pink Dot gathering.

Pink Dot, which will be happening on July 1 this year, is an annual event held in support of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community.

In the Facebook note, the organisers stated that according to the new law, anyone who turns up to the Speakers’ Corner in support of an event will be considered to be part of the assembly, as the law now no longer distinguishes between participants and observers.

Previously, foreigners were allowed to observe the act of demonstration from the sidelines, but not participate.

Participants will have to present their Identity Cards upon entry at the event grounds, and individuals caught participating illegally could be fined up to S$3,000 for their first offence.

While they won’t be able to attend the event physically, non Singaporean citizens and Permanent Residents can watch the live streaming of Pink Dot through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.


Many people are upset with the news, as they think that this is unfair to foreigners who support the movement.

Screenshot via Pink Dot’s Facebook page

And some are just trying to find ways to bend the law.

Screenshot via Pink Dot’s Facebook page

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Top photo via Pink Dot.

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