Pink Dot 2017 video shows everyday S'poreans speaking to LGBT folks

And then realising love is love.

Belmont Lay| May 31, 12:22 AM

What happens when everyday regular Singaporeans get to meet and chat with folks from the LGBT community that they never had prior encounters with or any familiarity at all?

This happens:


The Pink Dot 2017 video is slaying yet again, as it not only shows the emotional connection from opening up to the other side but that offline conversations as a result of putting a name and face to the other person occurs without the vitriol of online discourse.

The initial awkwardness then gives way to the realisation that love is love.

The video is directed by Boo Junfeng and Mak Chun Kit.

The ninth edition of Pink Dot SG will be held on July 1, 2017, at Hong Lim Park.

This year's Pink Dot’s ambassadors are singer Nathan Hartono, theatre and television performer Ebi Shankara, and Paralympic swimmer, Theresa Goh.

Local businesses have chipped in to support Pink Dot this year with the "Red Dot for Pink Dot" campaign.

The campaign, which closes on June 4, has 116 local sponsors, far surpassing the initial target of 100.

Following changes to the Public Order Act, it has been stipulated that only Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents are permitted to assemble in support of any cause at the Speakers’ Corner.

As a result, barricades will be set up around the park.

Attendees are required to show photo identification in the form of identity cards or passport to volunteers and security personnel before being admitted.

The Community Tent, a mainstay at every Pink Dot event since 2012, will be bringing together 30 LGBT groups this year.


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