Glamping, an <em>atas</em> form of camping using luxurious tents, makes a comeback in S'pore

Nothing like camping out in the great outdoors in five-star comfort.

Olivia Lin | May 01, 2017, 05:44 PM

Glamping, a play on the words, "Glamour" and "Camping", is an activity that combines the adventurous factor of traditional camping with hotel-style accommodation.

It is a trend with nebulous origins, but the new-age version can be traced back to affluent British adventurers in 2005 who wanted to experience the outdoors without having to sacrifice modern comforts, such as those found in high-class hotels.

In Singapore

According to The Straits Times (ST), Glamping first arrived on our shores in 2012, but didn't manage to catch on.

Five years on, Glamping is beginning to gain popularity here, as Singaporeans are probably feeling more venturesome now with all the new nature trails opening up.

And as if the concept isn't already fancy enough, businesses catering to this style of camping have also started to sprout up - so Glampers wouldn't need to do all the dull preparatory work themselves.

A quick search on Airbnb would bring you several listings, mostly from a host by the name of Lydia.

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She provides medium-sized to big bell tents that come with proper beds, fresh towels, hurricane lanterns, and even a well-stocked mini bar.

More Glamping providers

These Glamping businesses have also taken to Instagram to advertise their services.

Here's one that offers beautifully printed bed linen, and even single beds for people who want to Glamp together, but sleep separately.

Setting up our 4m tent for our customer. Thank you Khairel for your underlying support! We hope you had a lovely day ✨ You can opt for half a day or camp through the night to experience the ultimate glamping experience in the straits of Singapore! ✨

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You can also opt for a single bed of your choice! ✨ Preparing for our next event coming your way soon ✨

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And one which has created its own variation of Glamping - by bringing it indoors. So it essentially means camping in a luxurious tent... in the comfort of being indoors.

picturesque location for a picnic setup overlooking beautiful houses ?

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fancy having a picnic in style? - Glamping, short for glamorous camping is a start up lifestyle company that aims to bring you the ultimate bespoke picnic experience.

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our first official event - a cosy home set-up perfect for a team bonding session ?

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However, before you rush off and start Glamping, do note that camping is only permitted by the authorities at some areas in East Coast Park, Pasir Ris Park, West Coast Park and Pulau Ubin.

Also, campers would need to apply for a camping permit with NParks before doing so.

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