Entrepreneurial S’poreans reselling Ed Sheeran tickets for up to S$1,200 each

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By Nyi Nyi Thet | May 11, 2017

A chart topping British act comes to Singapore to perform, tickets get sold out immediately, leading to numerous opportunists flipping tickets on Carousell for an obscene amount of money.

Sounds familiar?

Well, the old adage of history repeating itself is apparently applicable to pop acts as well.

Ed Sheeran recently announced a Singapore concert on Nov. 11, leading to tickets being sold out within 40 minutes when they went on sale on May 11.

Turns out, not all those who bought tickets were die hard Sheeran-heads, and Carousell, once again, became Sistic Gold Class.

This picture kind of says it all.

Which worked out to around S$600 a ticket.

The line “Fans of Ed Sheeran do not sleep on this! Not many tickets available.” is particularly ironic because i) He seemingly didn’t include himself as an Ed Sheeran fan, and ii) He probably contributed to the “Not many tickets available” scenario playing out.


This wasn’t the only case of ticket flipping

With some holding auctions instead.


Not enough tickets

The vast number of people who couldn’t get tickets to the first show prompted show promoter AEG to provide a second date on Nov. 12.

Tickets went on sale at 11am.

And, at 11.41, here’s what was on Carousell.



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