Ed Sheeran S’pore concert ticket reseller trolled for 1 hour on Carousell, deletes listing

If you cannot catch the scalpers, waste their time.

By Belmont Lay | May 13, 2017

Long story short: Every time there is a major concert in Singapore, be it Coldplay or Guns N’ Roses, ticket scalpers will be out in full swing buying up tickets and reselling them on online platforms such as Carousell to turn a quick buck.

Enforcement efforts have generally been lax as there are tens of thousands of concert goers streaming into the venue on show night and the organiser can already barely keep up with managing the crowds that have showed up in biblical proportions.

Well, if the authorities’ hands are tied, it is once again back to the everyday heroes to take action.

To catch a scalper unawares

Ed Sheeran concert tickets for his Singapore show on Nov. 11 and 12 recently went on sale on May 11.

Due to a huge demand for tickets to his initial one show resulting in the opening of a second show, this inevitably created more income opportunities for ticket resellers who went on to push up prices of resale tickets to the thousands even as they originally cost merely in the hundreds.

Enter this one guy.

Sensing an opportunity not to be missed, someone actually went to troll an Ed Sheeran concert ticket reseller on Carousell.

This is the result (Pink is troll, grey is reseller):


First, offer a super unrealistic high price and try to be believable:


Offer to meet at some godforsaken place:


Continue to act serious:

Pretend to have hurt feelings:


And then get all trolly again:


And then really reveal you’re the real troll:


But still be nice about it:

This is the full post:


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