Carousell reseller claimed Ed Sheeran concert tickets were looted, Sports Hub launches investigation

Gleeful reseller taunted: "Who will ban us?"

Zhangxin Zheng | May 13, 2017 @ 03:15 pm


Chart topping singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran’s concert on Nov 11 was sold out in barely an hour last Thursday. The ticket sale of a second show was also sold out in a few minutes, leaving many fans disappointed.

Well, it turns out that not all those who bought tickets were die-hard Sheeran fans as tickets were resold on
Carousell almost immediately, with some being touted at sky high prices of $2000 and more.

One Facebook user, Aida Aretha, posted her conversations with a Carousell reseller ‘reseller_772’ who claimed to have gotten tickets from a friend working at Singapore Sports Hub management, who ‘looted’ and distributed to them more than 200 tickets.

The post, along with 4 screenshots, has been deleted by the user according to Popspoken which looks like this:

Screenshot of Popspoken

However, you can still see user Aida Aretha commenting on the official ‘Ed Sheeran Live in Singapore’ Facebook event page with reposts of this screenshot to discourage purchase from profiteering resellers:

Photo from Aida Aretha’s Facebook comment
Screenshot from Ed Sheeran Live in Singapore Facebook page
Screenshot from Ed Sheeran Live in Singapore Facebook page
Screenshot from Ed Sheeran Live in Singapore Facebook page

In a response to Popspoken, Senior Director – Corporate Communications and Stakeholder Management from the Sports Hub, Chin Sau Ho, released the following statement announcing an investigation into the matter:

“The Singapore Sports Hub categorically does not condone the sale of tickets for shows held at any of our venues other than through official channels.

We are conducting an investigation into, and speaking with the relevant authorities about these allegations.

We have systems and checks in place to identify any breach of policy by staff or partners. Appropriate action will be taken against any party found guilty of offence.

Sports Hub would like to reiterate that no resellers have been authorised to sell tickets for this show. Sports Hub urges the public not to purchase tickets other than through official channels as these may not be accepted at the venue.

We understand that there were many disappointed fans who were unable to purchase tickets. This was due to the overwhelming demand for the show, which far outstripped the number of available tickets.”

Top photo edited from Sports Hub

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