Bishan otter an awesome supermum who deserves to be celebrated and loved this Mother’s Day

She's just like any other (human) mum.

Zhangxin Zheng | May 14, 2017 @ 12:26 pm

Today is Mother’s Day, so we should show our appreciation towards all mothers and motherly figures.

But wait, this day should not be limited to the celebration of human mothers only. There are mothers in the animal kingdom too, and they make the same sacrifices for their children and families.

So, let’s acknowledge the contributions of a very special special mother – our local otter mother.

According to OtterWatch, mummy otter in the Bishan family is a supermum of sorts for these reasons:

She cares tirelessly for her pups.

Photo from OtterWatch
Photo Courtesy of Jeff Tan

“Always last to feed but first to rush home to take care of her kids ( at natal stage). She does not waste any time loitering around because time always seems insufficient for her.”

She is an all weather source of power and comfort to her family.

Photo from OtterWatch

“Whenever the environmental condition becomes challenging such as torrential rain, holt flooding, rush water current, she holds the family tight to her side and will always put the safety of young ones before hers.”

She is the commander at home that keeps order and peace.

Photo from OtterWatch

“Mum decides where to go and when to go. Kids being kids, they often outdoor, playful and sometimes scattered around. All she needs to do, is a call out, everyone will come back. We think she is also the one deciding and in command position in all the fights we observed so far.”

Besides being a caring mom, she is also a loving wife. *Awwww*

Photo Courtesy of Jeffrey Teo

“She takes care of her kids well by ensuring they behave well and are fed well – she is always the first to bring food for the young ones before her own feeding; when all the kids are back in holt late in evening, she will find time with her Husband; the couple is often seen swimming and fishing in a more relax manner, and grooming each other just before the last ray of light.”

She is the glue that bonds the family happily together.

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Tan

“Kids are always happy and being close to her. Somehow, she is able to divide and balance her love and attention equally among them. Regardless of age, the kids seem close to their mom.”

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Tan

Here’s the post from OtterWatch:

This is also the second part of the Bishan Family series – a series on Singapore’s otter families to let people understand a little more about the otter families residing in different parts of Singapore. The first series was on the Marina Family.

Top photo collage courtesy of Jeff Teo and Jeff Tan

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