Yishun now has its own movie trailer

Very imaginative.

Belmont Lay | April 26, 2017, 11:01 PM

From the fertile imagination of Singaporeans comes this heartwarming tale of being new, absorbed and lost in Yishun.



Starring a pair of Singaporeans, a temperamental screaming man, Godzilla, a portal to hell, a large caterpillar and a dead property agent, the fun-filled adventures of what happens in the estate that has dominated headlines regularly in Singapore is now flashed out in cinematic glory -- for about two minutes.

Who said Singaporeans are not creative?

Given the right material, motivation and momentum, it is a shame we haven't developed more mind-bending mythos and supplementary stories to lay the foundations for more legends that will make living in this country a lot more interesting.

If Yishun was indeed made into a real movie, you can expect theater-goers to flock to cinemas in droves to watch the wrath of the north played out in full.

Kudos to JUO Productions for this one.


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