CSI attempt on Toa Payoh couple bully went wrong

Kena wrong person, wrong company

Joshua Lee | April 24, 2017 @ 02:30 pm


Over the weekend, Singapore’s Internet sphere erupted in a frenzy as a clip of a (as of yet, unidentified) young couple bullying an elderly man at Toa Payoh hawker centre went viral.

Comments baying for their blood and identity flooded Facebook posts and sure enough, within less than 24 hours, the Internet managed to throw up a name: “Cherry Tan”.

Before we knew it, more “details” came out — her workplace (UOB), her picture — and were feverishly shared among and by people who wanted to see justice done.

Screenshot via Facebook.

This tiny unverified comment sent netizens over to UOB clamouring for something to be done, with many threatening to boycott UOB’s services.

Screenshot via Facebook.
Screenshot via Facebook.
Screenshot via Facebook.

Wild conjecture turned out to be wrong

Except that the information was incorrect.

UOB has clarified that “the couple shown in the video is not our UOB Toa Payoh branch staff.”

Screenshot via Facebook

The “Cherry Tan” whose picture was shared, ended up having to take to a Facebook page that spread her picture and name, alleging she was the woman in the video, with a request to take down the allegation.

Screenshot via Facebook page of Kuanyewism, which mistakenly alleged this lady was the female bully at the Toa Payoh hawker centre incident.

The couple remains unidentified.

Back again to square one

This brings us back to square one, except that this time, there is a trail of destruction — the reputations of people (Cherry, in this case) and institutions (UOB, her alleged employer) dragged through the mud.

The netizen who wrongly identified Cherry has since apologised:

Screenshot via Facebook.


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Top photo adapted from Facebook and video screenshots.

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