S'porean youth destroys Ofo bike by slamming it into ground, stomping on it

The tragedy of the commons.

Belmont Lay | April 17, 2017, 10:58 PM

Bicycle-sharing, the newfangled thing to be established in Singapore's sharing economy, is already showing all the clear tell-tale signs of ending up just like how the good old tragedy of the commons foretold.

With little regulation and lack of incentives to preserve the property, it will more likely than not end up in the dumps.

How did something that is supposed to be for the common good of all users end up in the dumps?

Well, here is a case in action, because of the actions of individuals like that:

As seen in the video, a youth in Singapore can be seen thrashing an Ofo bike and then stomping on it while his peers film his actions.

There's probably a reason why things are always so expensive in Singapore.

Because when it's free, there will be people who will treat it like shit.


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Photo of Ofo bicycles via Stomp

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