Here’s the transcript of that older man in the MRT offering to have sex with a younger man. Aggressively.


By Nyi Nyi Thet | April 20, 2017

By now, you might have seen the video of the older man harassing a younger man on the train.

Here’s the video.

If you can’t seem to make out what is being said, here’s the transcript.


Older man (OM): (To younger man) *Incoherent rambling* You’re a f*cking gay. I’m a gay also.

Younger man’s friend (YMF): Excuse me!

OM: I’m talking to him, not talking to you

YMF: This is very rude.

Younger man (YM): this is my friend, you’re being very rude to her so

OM: Not rude! No, no, no she’s not your friend, I’m your friend.

YM: No, you’re not.

OM: I want you to f*ck me tonight.

YM: I don’t know who you are, and I’m not interested.

OM: I want you to f*ck me tonight

YM: Sorry, please leave us alone.

OM: Don’t touch her ok, I’m gonna slap you, I’m gonna slap you.

YMF: Excuse me, your saliva is on my face, and the nearest hospital is… somewhere else, can you just..

OM: No, no, no, He’s a LBGT, and I’m a LBGT

YM: I’m not, please leave me alone.

OM: Yes you are, you’re gay.

OM: I want to f*ck you, f*ck me tonight, I want you to f*ck me tonight.

YMF: I’m not opposed to gay, but this is very rude.

YM: No, please don’t touch me again either.

OM: Singapore is not like America, we can touch you. *touches him*

YM: Hey! Don’t touch me.

YMF: Excuse me!

YM: Get out of here now.

Helpful bystander 1 (HB1) enters the scene

HB1: Would you please.

OM: (Turns to her) No, he’s a gay, I’m a gay. I want him to f*ck him tonight.

HB1: Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful but…

*HB1 gently pushes older man away from the younger man*

YMF: This is sexual harassment

HB1: But, why don’t you go somewhere else.

OM: No, he’s a gay, I’m a gay, he make signal to me.

YM: I did not.

HB1: Calm down.

*HB1 positions herself between the 2 parties*

OM: I’m calm.

HB1: Yes, but why did you touch him?

OM: Singapore got no law. Are you from America? Are you from America?

HB1: No, I’m not from America.

OM: Singapore got no law, you can touch me, I can touch you. Singapore got no law.

HB1: He doesn’t want to touch you..

OM: Sorry sorry, sorry.

HB1: He doesn’t want to touch you, you know, it’s not always whether you like something…

OM: I’m very touchable, (touches himself) he’s a gay, I know, he’s a gay, I’m a gay.

HB1: Yes, but it’s not…

YMF: What do you mean by he’s a gay, this is very rude.

HB1: Did you drink a bit of alcohol?

OM: I drank, I drank a lot.

HB1: Ah ok, this is your problem here.

OM: Can I kiss you? I wanna kiss you now

YMF: Are you mentally even stable?

YM: No, if you kiss me, I’ll punch your f*cking face off.

OM: You see, see, he use vulgar word.

YMF: (To younger man) Shhh.

YM: Sorry, I know, I know.

OM: Use one more vulgar I’m gonna slap you. *slaps younger man*

YMF: Excuse me

OM: You say f*ck you what?

HB1: No, that’s enough, *raises voice* no it’s enough.

Helpful bystander 2 steps in between the 2.

OM: (Talking to HB2) He say f*ck me what. He say f*ck me.

OM: It’s ok, he’s a gay, I’m a gay. He signal to me.

HB2: He doesn’t want to do anything

OM: Hey, brother!

HB2: Yes?

*Incoherent back and forth*

OM: Ok, ok, ok, It’s ok, I calm down already.

HB2: Why you slap him?

OM: He can slap me, he can slap me, it’s ok.

HB2: He’s not interested

OM: He signal me, if he didn’t signal me, I don’t come. He signal me, if he didn’t signal me, I don’t go.

OM: I’m a gay ok, I’m a gay. He signal me. I’m jealous, *touches own chest*, he touch a woman, ok.

(To HB2) You’re not a gay ah?

*HB2 shakes head*

OM: I’m a gay. He signal me la, if he don’t signal me, I won’t come la.

HB2: He doesn’t want to do anything. He doesn’t want anything to do with you.

OM: Ok, you want to impress, it’s ok, if you don’t want to impress it’s ok.

OM: Brother, thank you. *shakes HB2’s hand*

HB2: Alright, just stop all your nonsense ah.

OM: (raises tone) Not nonsense! Don’t use the word nonsense.

HB2: Ok, just stop then.

OM: Don’t use the wrong word ok? My friend, ah. He signal me, he don’t signal me, I don’t go.

OM: He’s a f*cking gay, he signal me, he say to the girl, he signal me like that (mimics the alleged signalling gesture).

OM: You want to be… if he don’t signal over, I don’t go.

HB2: Ok, fine.

Older man: You need a f*ck, I also need a f*ck tonight. Ah, He signal me, if he no signal me, I don’t go.

OM: You go and see la, the pink what, I hero there, I champion, ok. If he don’t signal me, I don’t come. Then he signal me, you want to come to my place?

HB2 stands in front of younger man.

HB2: Bro, you ok?

YM: Yeah I’m ok.

OM: He’s a f*cking gay, he signal me, I go, if he don’t signal me, I don’t come.

*Incoherent* of the day, I’m a big time gay ok. I also pay them a lot of money one, not free one.

You signal me, then you come and talk nonsense.


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