Grab driver offers green tea, beer, phone charger & even cigarettes for riders

Be like him.

By Jonathan Lim | April 17, 2017

In the world of private hire drivers, a driver’s star-rating that is below 4.8 is considered sub-standard.

That’s a little unfair to the drivers given that riders may think that a 4-star rating is quite good since 4 out of 5 is 80% – A1 leh.

But unfortunately, private hire drivers need to maintain star-ratings closer to 5 to qualify for bonuses and incentives. So in the quest to guarantee a 5-star rating, these drivers must be super polite, super nice, and super accommodating.

Now, one driver is going the extra mile. He apparently provides drinks, phone charging services, perfume, beer and even cigarettes to his passengers.

His service has not gone unnoticed as at least two passengers have posted their experience with him on social media.

One passenger, Chanel Lam, shared her experience:

“Got onto justgrab. Opened the front door, he said it’s ok! I can sit behind. Ok.. so this was the convo after:
“Feel free to charge your phone (ok normal that’s nice)
Feel free to grab any drinks. (He has soft drinks and an ice box filled with CARLSBERG. Wtf dudeeee)
Feel free to smoke. (Pulls down his sunscreen, 4 diff brands of cigg boxes. WTFFFF THIS IS NEXT LEVEL SHIT)”
Am I hallucinating? Wtf? What kind of grab car is this. This may be the best ride of my life ever. I wonder why I always have the craziest grabcar experiences ever. Lol
ps; I didn’t take anything. Although the carlsberg was reallllyyyy tempting. Hahahahahaha
Thank you for making my Wednesday ride home an unforgettable one, sir!”

Over on Twitter, a tweet of the same driver’s car went viral with the tweet reading:

“got the coolest grab driver ever. got ciggs, drinks, charger, perfume all damn”

5.5 stars out of 5.

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