A reader sent us a picture of 2 men holding hands in the car, we’re not sure why

Aww, that's sweet :)

Nyi Nyi Thet | April 18, 2017 @ 04:27 pm


One of our readers sent us this picture of two men holding hands in their car.

With this following email attached with a subject header “Is it ok to do this?”.

Hi mothership,

While on my way home the other day, I chance upon this guy in navy uniform holding another guy hand openly in the public.


Now, other than the fact that this means no one is safe from being photographed while out public spaces, we didn’t get any other indicator as to why this might be considered anything out of the ordinary.

So we analysed the picture.

As you can see here, their hands are intertwined perfectly, without seemingly any effort put in by either man.

Intertwined hands are usually a sign that the two individuals are in a relationship that is based on trust and love.

The uniform also looks neatly folded, which is always a good look.

The only downside is the watch, which seems a tad blocky for our taste.

Overall, 9/10, good stuff, strong relationship.

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Photo courtesy of “Roger”

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