Trump supporters welcome Amos Yee with open arms, finds out what he said, doesn't want him anymore

It is almost as if reality is more nuanced than catchphrases.

Nyi Nyi Thet| March 28, 05:00 PM

Amos Yee was recently granted asylum in America.

This has prompted comments from all quarters, including a passive-aggressive statement from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Well, one subsection of America that seemed genuinely happy to see Amos Yee in the land of the free is the subreddit, The Donald, which comprises some of President Donald Trump's most fervent supporters.

They are also quite anti-refugee, specifically refugees from countries that Trump is pushing to put on the travel ban list.

With that in mind, a post claiming "What An Actual Refugee Looks Like" got upvoted to the top of The Donald, getting thousands of upvotes.

FYI, according to them, this is what a refugee looks like

Screenshot from BBC


The general consensus on the thread was that Yee shouldn't have been persecuted for criticising Islam.


And they were glad he was out of Singapore.


Which is apparently super liberal!

Now, fervent Amos Yee scholars would realise that Islam is by no means the only religion he criticised.

The thing is, most of The Donald didn't.

Until someone pointed out Yee's impressive bibliography of insults.


On the same day, after the initial hoopla, another post trying to clarify the situation was put up.


Apparently, Yee had badmouthed Christianity too, among his other crusades.

Which, for some reason, changed everything.

Not all free speech is worth listening to.


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