This sushi place in America is revolutionising the game by serving food on conveyor belts

Learn from them?

By Nyi Nyi Thet | March 19, 2017

Insider, a lifestyle site of Business Insider, recently released a video detailing how a hot new restaurant, YOsushi, in America is totally changing the sushi game.

Here is the video:

The main takeaway from the restaurant appears to be the fresh new device rolling out sushi.

According to the reporter.

The conveyor belt situation is awesome, we basically have an unlimited supply of fresh sushi that’s coming to us every second.

What a brave new world we are living in.

They have also devised an ingenious method for pricing.

What the what!


For some reason though, people weren’t suitably impressed at this marvel of mankind.

Despite this lukewarm response, we can’t wait to see what new inventions the western world might bestow upon us.

Perhaps, a door that slides open when it senses people approaching it, or a 4-pronged rectangular structure that holds up food and other miscellaneous items.

Whatever they end up inventing, the future seems incandescently bright.


Top photo by Insider

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