Super popular Thai milk tea now soft serve ice cream flavour

Another excuse to visit Bangkok. Yay.

By Mandy How | March 14, 2017

If you’re a jet-setting #wanderlust Singaporean whose idea of wanderlust is to visit Bangkok three times a year, here’s some good news for you: Thailand’s old-school tea brand Cha Tra Mue (aka Number One Tea) now comes in soft-serve ice cream form.

Bad news: It is only available at two locations for now — Terminal 21 (LG/F) and Don Mueang Airport.

Cha Tra Mue Thai tea, a brand that has been around since 1945, is now offering the dessert for 45 baht (slightly less than S$2), and it has generated some hype on Facebook (albeit in Thai).

thai tea softserve 2

thai tea softserve
Source: Facebook

thai milk tea 1

Cha Tra Mue is the same brand behind the rose milk tea (i.e. bandung, but fancy) that got a fair amount of attention, too:

thai rose tea

thai rose tea 2

Can’t go to Bangkok anytime soon?

Check out Cha Tru Mue right here in Singapore.

But heads up: They are not serving the Thai tea soft serve, and most probably will not be doing it anytime soon.

Or maybe they might.


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