So… it’s humanly possible to earn S$6k a month driving Grab. Here’s how to start ASAP

Nobody said it was easy though.

By He Ruiming | March 16, 2017

So you need more money (welcome to the club), but you’re all grown up and don’t want to go back to your post-secondary school jobs of yesteryear – manual flyer dispenser, temp banquet waiter, data entry specialist.

That’s why you thought you would try your hand at being a Grab driver. The pros? Flexible hours. Get a car to pick up your friends in. Meet interesting people.

And last we heard, someone is earning $6,000 a month being a private car driver. Don’t worry about the admin stuff because we’re here to teach you how to become a Grab driver, within a day, tops.

Also, for simplicity’s sake, this article makes several assumptions:

– You do not own your own car. Cause millennial. And poor.
– You are intending to rent a car from Grab instead of another company.
– You would like to become a GrabCar driver ASAP.
– You possess a Class 3 or 3A driving license.


STAGE 0: Filling up the online form: 5 mins

The first thing you need to do is go to this website. Just click the hyperlink. It’s super easy.


After you click *COMPLETE YOUR APPLICATION*, they’ll send you a SMS with a verification code to enter.


Once that’s done, you’ll get to this screen.


STAGE 1: Waiting for people to call you: 24 hrs

Now, I know what you’re thinking. There looks like there’s a whole bunch of painful paperwork to fill up, especially the part that says ‘ACRA Bizfile’.

But if you’re not using your own car and just renting one from Grab, you can skip some steps entirely, namely:

ACRA BIZFILE (Not needed if you’re renting a car from Grab)
COMMERCIAL INSURANCE (Not needed if you’re renting a car from Grab)
VEHICLE LOG (Not needed if you’re renting a car from Grab)
TAXI LICENSE (Not needed if you’re not a taxi driver)

In fact, instead of going to fill into the form online, you can just wait for a call from this number: 69021030. They’ll call you within 24 hours. Repeatedly.


From there, all you need to do is to set up an appointment with the nice person on the phone and show up to the Grab office. It’s at Midview City in Bishan.

Make sure you bring along your driver’s license, NRIC, and some cash ($800-1200) for the deposit for your vehicle. Don’t blur.

It’s quite a walk from Marymount MRT. We suggest you take a bus from Bishan MRT.

Once you’re there, look out for the Grab Rentals office.


That’s the Grab Rentals office. On Mondays, the queues might remind you of painful times spent at polyclinics getting a MC, but it usually doesn’t take too long for you to get a vehicle. They’ll give you a registration form.

Pro tip: If you want to start driving on the same day, ask to pick out a used vehicle to drive. Why? Because Singaporeans want new and shiny things – you’ll have to wait at least a day to drive that new Honda Vezel you’ve had your eye on.


Said registration form.


Once you’ve filled in and completed this form, they’ll bring you to a room for a workshop, which is a crash course on how to use the almost idiot-proof Grab app. Then you take a short 20-question quiz to see if you can move on to the next stage.

Don’t worry, it’s damn easy. This writer took 20 minutes. And he isn’t even that smart.


The next part is challenging if you go after lunch. A 45-minute talk about Grab’s code of conduct awaits you. Essentially, it’s about some Grab admin stuff, and crucial lessons on how not to be a dick to other motorists/your customers when you drive.

You may find it ridiculous that Singaporeans need to be taught to say “There is a ERP charge of $2” instead of “YOU HAVE TO PAY ERP”, but hey, customer service yo.


This is the part when you bid adieu to your cash ($800 to $1200). A pretty fair price to pay for your new money-making machine, in our opinion.



Our car of choice – the not-so-sexy but oh-so-fuel-efficient Toyota Prius

At long last, after completing all your paperwork, someone will lead you to one of the many levels of car parks in Midview City. At this stage, it kinda feels like you’re collecting your first Pokemon. Unless you’ve chosen to drive a used car, your steed will most likely be a Toyota Prius, Honda Vezel or Mazda 3.

Now drive off into the sunset. May the odds may ever be in your favour.

PS: Grab tells us that with all the documents, the easiest way is to do everything online – regardless of whether you’re renting a car or not.

This sponsored article by Grab helps us get a good idea what we should look out for if we decide to change careers one day.

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