Obviously fake: WhatsApp messages about NEA issuing S$200 fines for tissue in cups

Forward this to your family group chat, please.

Guan Zhen Tan | March 31, 2017 @ 01:44 pm


You may have seen messages being passed around on WhatsApp by your relatives or friends about the National Environment Agency (NEA) issuing a nasty S$200 fine if you are caught putting tissues into cups (or any sort of cutlery, depending on the variation of the message you received).

Here’s two possible versions of the message you may have received.

“When at a coffeeshop or food place, drinking water or tea, please do not throw your tissues into cups. You must be careful as there is a fine of $200. This is not a joke. “

A “friend” had been fined, so it must be true, and “not a joke”, right?

Here’s NEA’s statement on the matter to clear things up once and for all:

NEA is aware of a message circulating online which claims that leaving behind your used tissue in your bowl, plate or cup will lead to a $200 fine from NEA. We would like to clarify that NEA has not been issuing fines for such acts. NEA would however like to remind members of the public to dispose of their rubbish properly after their meals as an act of graciousness towards cleaners and other patrons.

The truth has been spoken.

Now you can share this with that one aunt who refuses to believe otherwise.


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