M&M’s, Snickers & Galaxy are drinks, available at Mustafa Centre

Brb, getting liquid diabetes.

By Guan Zhen Tan | March 20, 2017

If you can’t live without chocolate, your ultimate dream has just come true.

Apparently, M&M’s, Snickers and Galaxy chocolates do come in the form of milk drinks and shakes.

Twitter user Awksski found these drinks at Mustafa Center, and indeed, for a chocolate-loving kid, sweet dreams are made of these.

In case you can’t see the embed tweet, here are the pictures of the drinks:

This yellow-coloured M&M’s bottle contains peanuts in the drink, just like their chocolates in yellow packaging.

The Snickers Shake drink, like the chocolate itself, supposedly has the flavour of peanuts and chocolate, along with nougat and caramel.

Galaxy, another popular chocolate brand owned by Mars is also available as a bottled milk beverage:


Already craving a sip of chocolate heaven? Well, you might want to consider a few things.

Firstly, they don’t seem too cheap. The price for the Snickers Shake drink, for example, goes for S$3.50 — the price of a cup of bubble tea these days.

It’s also not the newest kid on the block overseas, as these chocolate milk drinks have been around for a while in the United Kingdom.

With regards to the taste of the drinks, there have been mixed opinions by netizens as well.

One review on UK food review website Foodstuff Finds says that the Snickers Shake tastes pretty good, but lacks the distinct nougat and caramel flavour that the actual chocolate bar contains.

Another review by YouTubers mentions that the Galaxy drink is weird when drank warm, and the M&M’s drink is similar to the taste of thick chocolate milk with a distinct M&M’s flavour.

The yellow M&M’s drink, on the other hand might have too many peanuts, tasting like liquid peanut butter.

Whatever it is, the best way to find out whether you like it or hate it is to try it out for yourself — if you’re willing to spend three-and-a-half bucks to find out.


Top image via Awksski’s Twitter

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