Michelle “Lulu” Chong wins Best Director award at Canada International Film Festival

This is Chong's first international film festival award.

By Jeanette Tan | March 18, 2017

Singaporean entertainerĀ Michelle Chong on Friday clinched an award at this year’s Canada International Film Festival held in Vancouver.

Best known for her multi-faceted personas made popular by Channel 5 comedy sketchĀ The Noose, Chong won the award for Best Director for her third and latest feature film, “Lulu the Movie”.

Since it debuted in NovemberĀ last year, the film, expanding on the China-born character Lulu, played by Chong, tells the story of her arrival in Singapore, as well as her efforts to succeed in show business and find love.

Screenshot from music video

Scenes were shot in London, Shanghai as well as a few other cities apart from in Singapore.

It grossed some $2.1 million over its screening period, and was most recently picked among Singapore’s offering at the Hong Kong International Film Festival as well.

Chong released a statement in Chinese on the film’s official Facebook page:

Here’s what it translates to in English, as reported in The Straits Times:

“This is my first Best Director award, and it comes from an angmoh country no less! And I didn’t even have to pay for it! It’s moving to me that the Canadians understand and appreciate the style and humour of the movie. Lulu love Canada! Lulu love (Canadian Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau!”

You can check out the official trailer for the movie, her third film, here:

Top photo from Lulu The Movie’s official Facebook page

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