Kid hit by taxi after beating red man on kick scooter in Punggol

He dashed across the road even though the traffic lights were green.

By Belmont Lay | March 21, 2017

Parents, let your kids watch this.

An unsupervised child on a kick scooter who appeared out of nowhere and dashed across the pedestrian crossing, even when the traffic lights were green, was hit by a taxi:

According to the video’s time stamp, the incident occurred on March 17 at about 6.30pm. The post said the incident occurred in Punggol.

Do note that the car has the right of way as the traffic light was clearly green when the kid dashed across.

It appears that the kid was not severely hurt as the video showed the child subsequently carried back across the pedestrian crossing by an adult, even as passers-by and drivers stopped to help.

Comments on the video are faulting both the kid and driver for not keeping a proper lookout as this accident could have been avoided:

A similar video showing a cyclist hit by car after beating the red man at pedestrian crossing also resulted in a similar discussion taking place as to who is at fault.


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