Japanese mascot Kumamon spotted chilling at Raffles Place because TGIF

So chill.

By Guan Zhen Tan | March 17, 2017

Kumamon is a rather famous character mascot created by the government of the Kumamoto prefecture of Japan in 2010.

Due to his quirky but endearing cuteness, he quickly rose in popularity, becoming one of Japan’s best-loved mascots in recent times.

If you’re unfamiliar with the bear, this video should summarise everything about Kumamon, and you might find his death stare cute expression a little more endearing:

The rosy-cheeked Kumamon also has a reputation for being hilariously clumsy and occasionally dense, but that just adds to his charm, which has won him numerous fans worldwide, including quite a few from here.

In fact, the mascot has visited Singapore a couple of times, making an appearance at the Chingay Parade and performing at the SJ50 festival, celebrating 50 years of relations between Singapore and Japan.

This time, he was here to promote his hometown’s signature produce, Kumamoto rice:

Image via Parti | Japanese Free Magazine Facebook page

Of course, milling rice live sounds pretty neat, but the main attraction is probably the cuddly cute Kumamon.

Photo via Parti | Japanese Free Magazine’s Facebook post

Just look at him diligently watching the rice being milled:

Photo via Parti | Japanese Free Magazine’s Facebook post
Photo via Parti | Japanese Free Magazine’s Facebook post

Being the hard-working spokesperson he is, he gives the thumbs-up while holding a delicious onigiri (rice-ball).

Unfortunately, the cuddly mascot’s appearance was a one-off affair on Friday (Mar. 17), though it’s highly likely that he would make another appearance in the future, given that he’s has frequented many different Japan-related events in Singapore.

Who knows, you might even find yourself lepaking beside him at One Raffles Place one day:

Photo via Parti | Japanese Free Magazine’s Facebook post


Top image via Parti | Japanese Free Magazine’s Facebook post

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