"Hi, Time Out London, that is not how you eat XLB": Asians everywhere

Another day, another piece of culture savagely destroyed.

Joshua Lee | March 29, 2017, 09:51 PM

So Time Out London recently published this video promoting the xiao long bao (XLB) at Dumpling's Legend in London's Chinatown.

In it, they compared XLB to zits that you *shudder* pop and then proceeded to show the world the savagery of wasting XLB juices.

Oh dear Lord:

Our hearts can't take this:

Is he using his chopsticks with *gasp* both hands?

Well, obviously Asian netizens came out in droves to defend this sacred institution of Chinese culture:

Dishonour to our culture! Screenshot via Facebook.

Waste! And shame! Screenshot via Facebook.

Thanks for ruining it for us. Screenshot via Facebook.

You call it playing food, we call it savagery. Screenshot via Facebook.

We're screaming too. Screenshot via Facebook.

No word yet on whether Dumpling's Legend approved of this video, but in the meantime, another day, another piece of culture destroyed by the great white man.


Top photo adapted from Facebook.

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