Here’s a pretty convincing case made for breastfeeding in public by Xiaxue

'Is it any Singaporean's right to not see an occasional breastfeeding nipple? In other words, is it illegal? It isn't.'

By Jeanette Tan | March 20, 2017

Whatever your thoughts about breastfeeding in public — with or without a cover, whether or not one should find a nursing room first — here’s something worth reading.

Now, the public debate on the topic has resumed over the past few days after a busybody cheekopek person photographed a lady breastfeeding her daughter on the train without a nursing cover and posted it online.

Thankfully, the mom in question, one Cheryl Lee, was totally fine with it, even posting a response with another picture of herself breastfeeding without a cover.

Here’s part of what she said:

“Anyway, it’s just a breast. We all have it. Be it female or male. It’s meant to be used to feed a baby, I don’t see anything wrong with using it to feed a baby and ensuring my baby is comfortable. What’s so sexual/wrong about it?”


And backing her up in a Facebook post is allegedly popular Internet person Xiaxue (whose real name is Wendy Cheng), known for speaking her mind. Like her or hate her, she has made very valid points:

1. There is no law against breastfeeding in public, with or without a cover.

“When a mother covers up either because she doesn’t like people staring or because she doesn’t want to offend the public, it is your privilege, not your RIGHT. In fact, in countries like UK, it is actually ILLEGAL to ask a breastfeeding mom to stop.

Since public breastfeeding isn’t illegal, this becomes an issue of courtesy.

Just because it is legal to fart non-stop in a crowded train doesn’t mean it isn’t offensive or rude to do it.”

Now if you’re not okay with the presence of a woman breastfeeding in front of you, covered or not, Cheng advises you to look away, or move away — to another cabin, off the train, whichever works best for you.

2. Whipping out a breast to feed a baby ≠ Whipping out a penis, for instance.

Cheng also covers a possible counterargument that if men aren’t allowed to whip out their penises in public, women should also not be allowed to flash their boobs.

“Firstly, dick displaying is illegal, it has been established as every Singaporean’s right to not be forced to witness genitalia in public. Secondly, why is that guy taking out his dong? To sexually harass right? The woman is trying to feed her baby!! She isn’t trying to prostitute herself is she?! If a man has just gotten robbed of all his clothes so he is walking around naked, people will also have some consideration for his plight and not begrudge him of the dick-trusion.”


3. Those complaining about public breastfeeding might not understand the challenges of dealing with hungry infants.

“Do they believe that infants are capable of reason and will patiently wait for food while their moms find a discrete spot? Newsflash: They aren’t. They are like little Hulks…

Some babies don’t feed under a cover. It is dark and super stiflingly hot in there. Some babies do not take bottles either. There is no safe area for breastfeeding on the train. NO, she will not breastfeed in a filthy train station toilet. Would YOU like to eat in there?”

For moms, Cheng argues, their children’s welfare comes before the chance that people might be offended by the sight of a boob, for instance. After all, nobody is forcing a bystander to look.

Also, by disregarding the potential of offending a person, she argues that a mom is on the contrary teaching her children not to let sensitive people dictate their every move, because people will always be offended by all kinds of things.

Being ever-helpful, Cheng also provided two solutions to breastfeeding moms who might be approached or confronted for what they are doing by offended strangers or bystanders.

We’d summarise them, but they’re more entertaining as-is:

Person allergic to boob (PATB): “You are being really rude. Please cover yourself up. Please be respectful to the public.”
Do not reply. Look at the person and make a HUH? face, as if you are hard of hearing. Make him move closer to you and repeat himself.
Now pluck your infant’s mouth out from the nipple, and aim it at his face. Spray abundantly with breast milk.
Most people will simply go away after this. If they don’t, spray them again.

However, if you are not capable of ejaculating a powerful jet of breastmilk (I’ve done it once, it’s hilarious), here’s the less fun alternative:
PATB: “You are being really rude. Please cover yourself up. Please be respectful to the public.”
You: “You are being really rude. Please cover yourself up. Please be respectful to the public.”
You: “You are being really rude. Please cover yourself up. Please be respectful to the public.”
PATB: “Is there something wrong with you? Why are you repeating my words?”
You: “I was referring to your ugly face. It’s really offensive and nobody wants to see that. Why didn’t you squeeze that zit, it is really ripe and about to burst yellow pus forth. Please don’t burst on my child.”
You: “You still not covering it. Your face. The ugliness is causing me psychological damage, like that time I watched Alien vs Predator and couldn’t sleep for weeks.”
PATB: “BOOBS AND FACE IS NOT THE SAME THING! Your boob is… is… sexual!”
You: “Yes, your face is driving me asexual. I’m pretty sure my womb just stopped working. I’ll cover my boob if you promise to cover your face forever. It is causing widespread sexual dysfunction and sterilisation, it’s almost a weapon of mass of destruction.”
PATB, foaming at the mouth: “COVER UPPPPPP!!!!! OR I WILL…. I WILL… CALL THE POLICE!!!! UGH”
You: “No.”
Infuriate him further by ignoring him and proceeding to hum Wheels on the Bus to your cutie pie.

And it looks like Cheng has had significant support on this one — here are comments from a mom who shared her take from an Islamic point of view:

And here are comments from a person who doesn’t even like Xiaxue:

You can read her original post here:


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Top photo from Xiaxue’s Facebook page

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