20 primary school snacks that make us want to run to the mama shop again

*hides wrappers from parents*

Mandy How | March 25, 2017, 10:26 AM

The perks of being an adult is the ability to buy treats for ourselves -- truffles, pralines and whatnot.

But nothing beats these 20 childhood snacks from our primary school years that make us want to run to the mama shop again:

1. Pola snacks

Source: Pinterest

Trying to check out what animal you're actually putting in your mouth, then giving up after the second one because you really can't tell and you just wanna eat it, stat.


2. Hiro choco cake

Source: 90s.com.sg

This 50-cents treat might be a little pricey for a primary school kid to consume everyday, but like that stopped any kid from eating the crumbly, chocolate-cake everyday.


3. Spin cracker

The name might not sound familiar (most of us liken it to wheels), but the sight of it definitely conjures up distinct salty taste. The worst part? It's so light we don't know when to stop, even as adults.


4. 10-cent seaweed

Source: Amazon

Because there is no other way to call it other than 10-cent seaweed. One of the best things to stock up on for the school bus ride, because it's value-for-money (one packet had four sheets of seaweed!).


5. Choki Choki

Source: Amazon

We're pretty sure whatever's in there is anything but chocolate, but nobody really cared.


6. Popsicle

Source: OpenRice

Another 10-cent treat for those sweaty recess periods. Yay.


7. Ding dang chocolate

Source: 90s.com.sg

Old-school maltesers, but with a toy. Contentment in a box.

8. Bobdog sweet

Source: Japan Centre

Who didn't hold it like a cigarette and pretended to be adulting?


9. Apollo chocolate stick wafer

Source: Shopback

Biscuits and chocolate. And cheap. And fake. But great.


10. Kaka corn snack

Source: Blogspot

We may have bought it for the toy, but this salty tidbit ranks high on the lip-smacking, finger-staining scale too.


11. Whistle candy

Source: AsianFoodGrocer

That sense of accomplishment when you manage to do a long, drawn-out whistle. It's a worthy price to pay for annoying your parents. *pretends to be Rose from Titanic*


12. Haw flakes

Source: AsianSupper

A snack that we kid ourselves into thinking it's healthy, because it's not fried/ crunchy. Never mind the sugar content.


13. Popping candy

Source: keepitsweet

This was our idea of science because chemical reaction.


14. Ring pop/ Push pop

Source: CandyAddict


Source: CandyWarehouse

A whole block of shiny, coloured sugar, presented in fancy packaging. Yes? Yes.

15. Eyeglass candy

Source: obhfood.com

These are actually more chocolate than candy, or better yet, we know them as the alternative M&M's. But whatever we call them, our habit was to pick out our favourite (or least favourite, depending on individual quirk) colours in order and watch sadly as the numbers dwindle down the the last one.


16. Piring wafer

Source: 90s.com.sg

They don't make it like they used too :( Also, green is the best colour. Hands down.


17. Jelly

Source: CincoResources

Not just any kind, either. It has to be this kind. It was found in almost every party goodie bag, and nobody calls it quits before two different flavours.


18. Kinder Surprise

Source: Kidspot

Sorry, but Kinder Joy is having a really hard time living up to its predecessor.


19. Pop pop

Source: Hardwarezone

After dithering over the two flavours, you invariably go back to the one you usually buy. If you're feeling generous you offer one to your best friend (although you secretly hope that he/ she would decline. Ahem).


20. Mamee

Source: Mamee

Maggie Mee. Raw.


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