Xiaxue tweets Korean boy group looks like 'trannies', K-pop fans retaliate. Big time.

Zero to 100.

Nyi Nyi Thet | February 27, 2017, 12:20 PM

Monsta X is a South Korean hip hop boy group formed in 2015.

Here they are.

monsta x


Xiaxue is an allegedly famous Singapore blogger.

Here she is.

Image from Xiaxue's Instagram Image from Xiaxue's Instagram


Now, these two entities had absolutely nothing to do with each other until Friday, Feb. 24.

By pure coincidence, Xiaxue and Monsta X members took the same flight.

Now, Monsta X being a popular South Korean boy group, saw their fair share of rabid supporters waiting at the airport -- something that Xiaxue noted on her Twitter.

xiaxue original

xiaxue original 2


This fateful meeting prompted Xiaxue to google the Korean band, and she tweeted out her first impressions.

xiaxue 9

xiaxue 8

xiaxue original 3


Before making a prediction of their fan's reactions.

xiaxue original 4



The outrage can be mostly divided into three camps.

1. Some took offence to her use of the word "trannies".

xiaxue tranny 8

xiaxue tranny 5


Xiaxue was adamant that she was not transphobic, pointing to her love of shows featuring transgendered individuals.

xiaxue tranny 9


The replies did not consider that enough to disprove their claims of transphobia though.

xiaxue tranny 6

xiaxue tranny 7

Now, this is the problematic part of the whole fiasco.

The question of whether someone is bothered by the term "trannies" or by Xiaxue insulting a Korean boy band, and are using the term's usage as a means of attacking her becomes incredibly blurred throughout this whole exchange.

The examples above, for instance, feature profile pictures of various Korean idols, which might lead one to assume they are heavily invested in that scene.

So let's put some distance between the two, and focus on a few tweets from people that don't seem to be K-pop fans, but still took offence.

Now, this is one of the first few tweets replying Xiaxue, and a quick scan of his twitter account shows no explicit reference to any Korean band.

xiaxue trannyx

The Twitter user later replied that he was indeed a non-binary, which is associated with being transgender.


Now, Xiaxue's response to a person who seemed to have no stakes in the Korean pop scene, might be explained from another tweet to a non-Monsta X fan.

xiaxue tranny 10

xiaxue 11

Which is a contradiction of sorts, as "obvious when offence was meant" is quite subjective to each individual.

A point, she herself admitted.

xiaxue tranny 4

Which brings us to the significantly less nuanced second point.

2. Protecting idols

The second camp is incredibly straight-forward.

Their motto seems to be, "You talk shit about my idols, I come after you."

And perhaps their disregard for any higher cause can be exemplified in this tweet.

xiaxue funny

A tweet that even Xiaxue appreciated.

xiaxue witty


Other explicit insults included insinuating that the Monsta X members were prettier than Xiaxue.

This other tweet summed up the vast majority of those defending Monsta X.

xiaxue 4


But like all crusades, the fringes meandered into truly vile territories.

xiaxue moral 3


A point noted by even K-pop fans themselves.

xiaxue death traps


For a crash course on what is socially acceptable trash talk, this tweet perfectly sums it up.

xiaxue kid cute


3. Trainee outrage

This camp consists of one person who completely misunderstood the issue at hand.

xiaxue trainee

Traineesexuals deserve equal rights too.


Top photo from Xiaxue's Instagram


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