S’pore company used forklift & bubble wrap to recreate CNY firecracker sound

When firecracker is illegal in Singapore, you improvise.

By Belmont Lay | February 12, 2017

The ingenuity of Singaporeans was in full bloom this past Chinese New Year.

In a bid to circumvent strict laws regulating the use of explosives, a company here made used of a forklift and two long strips of bubble wrap taped to the ground to achieve the sound of firecrackers, which are illegal in this highly-regulated city state.

As the video below shows, somebody obviously put some thought into this and tried it out before because bubble wraps bursting under the weight of a forklift is authentically and deafeningly legit loud:

They should consider expanding beyond their hydraulics business and going into the firecracker-sound business, what with SkillsFuture and value-added services and whatnot these days.

And their slogan can be: Never let a little law get in the way of experiencing your culture™.


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