Man helping to arrange his neighbour’s altar is the epitome of racial harmony

One nation.

Mandy How | February 6, 2017 @ 04:03 pm

When Maidin Packer spotted some Malay wedding guests paying their respects as a Chinese funeral passed by, it served as welcomed reminder that our racial harmonies have come a long way since gaining independence.

Two days ago, this peaceful co-existence was reinforced when Muhammad Zahid Mohd Zin took a picture of his brother arranging their neighbour’s altar along a corridor.

According to him, the offerings on the altar had been blown away by the wind, thereby prompting his brother to pick them up and re-arrange them.

The families have been neighbours for more than a decade, and Zahid reveals that they have always been respectful to his parents too.

If the microcosms of our day-to-day lives are anything to go by, Singapore is truly a society of more than just tolerance.


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