This S’porean-made Yu Sheng just one-upped all other Yu Shengs you are going to have

Can't touch this.

Mandy How | January 31, 2017 @ 03:23 pm


Lo Hei is something we do multiple times during the Chinese New Year period. The yu sheng dish can get a little monotonous because the only adventurous thing people have done with it was to replace the raw salmon with abalone.

Enter 55 year-old Lim Kok Seng. He practically reinvented the dish:
rsz_rooster yusheng

As the 55 year-old father is an expatriate in Hong Kong, Chinese New Year marks a time of joy and reunion for him back in Singapore. While Lo Hei has always been part of the family tradition, Lim hoped to involve more of the younger generation in this tradition with his creativity.

Here’s a closer look at his art work:
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The star of the yu sheng is a rooster made with salmon and abalone, both of which signify good fortune in Chinese tradition.

The entire dish costs around $100 and took about 30 minutes to create.

One man’s (okay, with the help of his grand niece) touching effort to bring his family together truly brings out the essence of Chinese New Year.


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