S’pore’s 9 Terrex vehicles ‘suddenly vanished’: Hong Kong media

Not sure if they have been returned to Singapore.

By Belmont Lay |Tan Xing Qi | January 3, 2017

According to Hong Kong media, the nine Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicles that were impounded after being seized by China on Nov. 23, 2016, have “suddenly vanished”, Channel 8 news reported on Jan. 2, 2017.

An Apple Daily story had reported that the nine infantry carrier vehicles that were impounded for more than a month at the Hong Kong Customs and Excise facility in Tuen Mun vanished on Jan. 2.

Hong Kong customs told Apple Daily that as the case is still under investigation, there’s no further infomation to provide.

Singapore’s Ministry of Defence also didn’t give more information.

However, Hong Kong customs didn’t reveal where the Terrex vehicles are or whether they have been returned to the Singapore government.

Mindef told Channel 8 news: “We are waiting to resolve this matter and are waiting for the HK government to reutrn us our properties.”


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