S’pore lady decorates HDB corridor, creating awesome Chinese New Year atmosphere for neighbours

Simply awesome!

Zhangxin Zheng | January 27, 2017 @ 04:12 pm

Every CNY, 56-year-old beauty advisor, Linda, creates a festive atmosphere for her neighbours by decorating their HDB common corridor at Bedok Reservoir Road.

Her annual efforts are not lost on her neighbours, as one of them, by the name of Nabilahmeowz shared with us some photos of this year’s decorations.

According to Nabilahmeowz, Linda has outdone herself this time round by putting up the most elaborate CNY decorations to date.

Just look at this, we would love to have her as our neighbour.

Photo from nabilahmeow z
Photo by Nabilahmeowz

Linda told Mothership that she began decorating her common corridor about seven years ago because the atmosphere her decorations created brought cheer to her late father, who was visiting her at the time.

Since then, she said that she would put up decorations every CNY to bring joy to everyone around her.

Here are more pictures of Linda’s amazing effort this year.

CNY Decorations
Photo by Nabilahmeowz


CNY Decorations 5
Photo by Nabilahmeowz


To celebrate the year of the Rooster, she put up a whole row of them.

Photo from nabilahmeow z
Photo by Nabilahmeowz


She collected unwanted boxes from the market and spray-painted them with yellow, orange, pink and red.

Photo from nabilahmeow z
Photo by Nabilahmeowz


Photo from nabilahmeow z
Photo by Nabilahmeowz


She even decorated the lift lobby!

CNY Decorations 2
Photo by Nabilahmeowz


CNY Decorations 4
Photo by Nabilahmeowz


CNY Decorations 6
Photo by Nabilahmeowz


CNY Decorations 7
Photo by Nabilahmeowz

You can also look forward to next year’s decorations, as she told us that she already had ideas for the Year of Dog.

Well done, Linda! Huat ah!


Top photo collage from Nabilahmeowz.

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